Daily Magic Messages



Daily Healing Messages move blocked self-healing energy into a specific desired focus. They teach us how to use our mind as a powerful self-healing device. The regular application of DHM helps us to establish successful self-healing skills. Daily Healing Messages are easy to use by following a simple procedure.


All of us have inherited enormous self-healing capacities. These are usually blocked in intertwined body-mind-interpersonal fields ("matrix") and in a lack of self-healing skills. Today's culture pays minimum attention to the development of appropriate knowledge to help exploit these natural human potentials. On the other hand, we are continuously witnessing the fascinatingly successful outcomes of spontaneous self-healing processes. There is no doubt that the main key to healing lies in our mind!


Daily Healing Messages generally originate from approved professional procedures in the fields of psychotherapy and stress-management. These procedures are specifically based on the method of "concentric self-healing".


This version of Daily Healing Messages is specifically designed, patented and branded for Internet use. It is a unique type of InInSHD (Interactive Internet Self-Healing Device). Its software is adjusted to a real-time connection of the user's subconscious health needs during the day and an adequate self-healing content imprinted in one of the messages. This is based on a natural magnetism that exists in our organisms and occurs through the phenomena of "synchronicity".


The author of this project is Zvonko Dzokic. He is a Mind Coach, MD, spec. in Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist, Psychodrama Trainer, EMDR Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer in Stress Management, Consultant and Trainer in HR Management, Expert Consultant in PR, creator of the brands Multifocal Combined Psychotherapy, Multilevel Mental Coaching, Concentric Self-healing, creator of the special programs for Art Therapy & Healing Performance, creator of his own products in the field of Virtual Reality Therapy – a brand Interactive SHD (Interactive Self-Help Devices): Daily Magic Messages, Daily Healing Messages, Vionizer, Relaxation Training, Visceral Training, Positive Training, Self-healing Training, Antistress Assistant, antistres.mk), inventor (MK/P/2006/431; MK/P/2007/295), author of dozen books…

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